Pink Fringe

The highly anticipated update you’ve been waiting for…

What a year. I really should update this more often.

I have been doing a lot of producing with my company Pink Fringe in the last year, putting together an artist development scheme and a little monster of a project for Pride 2012 in Brighton. Also I am working on the refurbishment of a church to turn into a brand-spaking new arts centre in Brighton.

Also I have moved from my artists garret above the Nightingale to well, a new artist garret above the Marlborough Theatre.

More importantly I have two new artistic projects on the go:

Holocene – This piece was formerly called Force Majeure until Eddie Izzard acquired the title for his comeback tour. Now it is called Holocene, which thankfully I like a bit better. Holocene is the geological age in which we are living and sums up all the ways that human’s have influenced the planet. The piece I am making is about volcanoes, fear and the way the human ego copes with the knowledge of death. However, I will be treating these subjects with a joie de vivre and occasional flippancy, so their is light shining through the gloom. I have become a bit fixated on the life of Maurice and Katia Kraft who were two French vulcanologists who are well worth a google, just a delightful couple who you will meet in various forms during the show.

I am making the show with the fabulous support of BAC, the Nightingale and Arts Council England. During this R&D phase I am also working with arts raconteur Emma Kilbey.

I will be adding updates about this piece as they happen from now on. Pinky promise.

Project 2 – Is secret, but it is happening in Feb at a London venue TBC.