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Hard Graft

‘Men used to make things, men used to make sense.’

In Hard Graft David Sheppeard investigates how much can change between one generation of a family and the next and the lengths we go to bridge the divide.

A performance about reluctant fathers and wayward sons set against the backdrop of the occasional mining disaster and the fading industrial landscapes of South Wales.

Produced by Faith Dodkins

Outside Eye and Mentor – Stacy Makishi

Sound Design by Enrico Aurigemma

Commissioned by Ovalhouse and The Nightingale

Supported by Arts Council England

Photo by Duncan Jarvies


“Sheppeard proves adept at taking the audience on an engaging and, at times, poignant journey into the intricacies and complexities of his relationship with his father.” A Younger Theatre

‘Highly Recommended Show’ Fringe Review

**** London Theatre 1

“Hard Graft combines a humorous and touching story with beautiful images.”

Hard Graft is as elegantly and cleverly structured as a Chris Goode show. It’s as thoughtful, as self-aware as… well… as a Chris Goode show is.” Megan Vaughn

“Sheppeard has produced a lovely 50 minutes of astute and moving political, social and sexual analysis fleshed out with humour and great honesty.” Reviewsgate

Hard Graft Trailer from David Sheppeard on Vimeo.